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If you’re a liar and you know it, clap your trap


Omarosa, whose apparent sense of entitlement and bad attitude seems to increase daily, left the show’s studio about 22 minutes into the live telecast because a lie-detector had been set-up on stage for a comedy sketch, Kimmel said.

Man, there’s not much I can say to this one, except “Payback is Hell”. During the live finale, Ereka busted her chops while sitting right next to her, she was the target of a few jabs when on Larry King with other Apprentice cast members, then she get the axe from a Clairol commercial spot… and now this. She’s opened her mouth enough times in the past, trying to catch a few flies, it’s good to see that she’s getting more than her share of bitter indigestion.

It’s all very deliciously amusing really… almost as amusing as the WHOIS results for “”.

cswiii @ 7:55 pm

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