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* Standing on my back porch this morning, I noticed a spot of bird crap on the side of my neighbour’s house. “Well, that’s nothing out of the ordinary,” you might say… and I’d be inclined to agree… except that it was on a part of the house that resides below a portion of downspout, your typical kind, three inches wide or so, that goes angled across and down the side of the house.

How did it get there? I can’t imagine a bird would be too inclined to perch on this slick, downward-angled section of downspout — it doesn’t seem to be too convenient a perch — and any bird that would be able to perch up there… well simply put, I don’t imagine the anatanomical features would make it possible for the bird to do its business over the edge of the metal spout.

So taking that into account — and even if, by some stretch of the imagination, all these things were possible… then how did did it land on the side of the house? Why didn’t it land in the grass? I guess a mighty strong wind gust came just at that time and blew it into the house, otherwise I am stymied as to how it occurred.

Yes, these are the kinds of things I think about.

* I have finally been able to begin watching Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are Dead. Just to think, for all those years, the “Verbal Tennis Courts” forum that I frequented on Sampan Cafe was inspired by that book/movie. It was kind of enlightening… and really, suddenly knowing where it came from made that scene of the movie itself all the more funny.

It’s a great movie; I never knew it was a play, first, until recently. I really enjoy it. Truly funny, one big logic/philosophy/comedy milkshake. I’m not even done with the film yet, but it’s already becoming one of my faves. I have four more chapters to watch, but as I was falling asleep last night, it was all coming together in my head — I wonder how close the scenes and dialogue idiosyncracies will match what I imagined as I dozed off into dreamland.

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