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Sobering Small Town Stories

The Discovery Channel was just showing a documentary about the ordeals suffered by Esther Combs. While the crime in itself is, unfortunately, no longer shocking in today’s world, what took me aback was the fact that it took place in my college town of Bristol, Tennessee.

From all I’ve read, her parents were arrested in 1998. I graduated in 1998; I can’t believe I never heard anything about this case around that time, or even later. I saw all the pictures on the show, and so many of them looked so very familiar… and then I got kind of angry. I mean, I guess anyone can be cunning, sneaky, and certainly I’m only now reading about the case, so maybe there’s more to it. But just as Bristol’s a small town, I went to a small college therein, and I know how fast rumours spread, how fast news gets around a markedly smaller populace. Likewise, Bristol is a pretty uneventful town, but when things happen, word spreads like wild fire.

This said, I can’t fathom that no one else knew about what was going on and/or didn’t report it sooner.

Small towns have their secrets too, I guess, but those secrets that do survive must have some sort of “evolutionary” tendencies to allow them to exist undetected or something. I guess this last paragraph is just kinda yammering, but I’m still kind of in disbelief.

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