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Rented a few movies this past weekend, we’ve been watching them, bit by bit over the last couple of days.

Movies are one of my weaker sides, that is, I never watched many movies growing up, or in college, etc. So I’m not as “well-read”, in this respect. I think it’s healthy to play a little catch-up.

Wonder Boys was really great. A friend of mine told me about it, we listened to the soundtrack (great!) on the way to the beach. It was really, really well balanced, with humour interspersed with drama and the like. Michael Douglas is a really great actor, I think.

Chinese Box was not what we expected it to be… not that we (or I, anyway) knew really what to expect in the first place. It was interesting; I think I liked it better than my roommate, although I think she enjoyed it. A social study, commentary on Hong Kong and its history. At the same time, it was more than that… two different histories come to an end in this movie, both trying to figure out what can and can’t be left behind. I’ll let you rent it to learn what these are.

The latter movie left me in a contemplative mood. Since I haven’t watched a lot of movies, I think they tend to affect me more, make me dream, I guess. “It’s just a movie”, and I know it’s only a movie. But sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be that happy, if only for five minutes.

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