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* John Lee Hooker died

* John Lee Hooker died today. Crushing. I read someone’s words elsewhere: “Damn, this is not a good year for my heroes. First Gregory Corso, John Lee Hooker.” Couldn’t be more true.

* Went to Borders tonight. For some reason, slipped into my old self. Woman sitting next to me, a recent college grad, from what I could gather, researching the job market. Could have led to interesting conversation. Couldn’t get myself to talk to her. Geez — I couldn’t even get myself to ask if she knew the current date, as I needed it for some various chart I was tracking in my notebook.

* Bought all three of the books currently in Henry RollinsBlack Coffee Blues series. I’d read most or all of the first two, in bits and pieces, at prior Borders trips, across the three different Borders I’ve lived near in the past 2 years or so. Started reading Smile, You’re Traveling tonight. Just great.

* Isolated thunderstorms. Isolated just outside my condo, I think, they don’t seem to be going anywhere.

* Drano, bleach in the tub. I hate housekeeping.

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