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Canoeing the Shennandoah yesterday was

Canoeing the Shennandoah yesterday was pretty good. I’d been down that stretch of the river several times in my youth, and a few times when I worked at the camp, but it never loses its thrill.

Party yesterday was great, too. Met a bunch of cool new people, chattered, had good food and wine (and rum and coke, pina colada, etc., etc.) Reintroduced to two prior, one-time accquaintances who I found out speak Mandarin. This is a good thing. We’ll have to have them over for dinner.

Smile, You’re Traveling is turning out to be a great read. Rollins might piss some people off, turn others off, lead others to assume he’s just some washed-up middle aged punk rocker. Hardly the case.

Rollins inspiration for the day. Used without permission.

“…It’s amazing. I want a moment to myself, so I go to fucking Madagascar. Here I can open up my gills and breathe. Places like this is where I belong. Alone in a remote corner of the world. This suits me. I like staying out on the road for as long as possible. I come home and it’s always a letdown. I don’t want to hear about people’s little trials and tribulations about their car fucking up or their bullshit job getting to them. What did they expect? How can you complain that you’re bored unsatisfied when you surround yourself with mediocrity and a grind that slowly drains you of your will to live? You can have it any way you want or have a hell of an interesting time en route if you have the guts to go for it. Or you can let events run your life and determine how it will go. The concept of fate is hilarious to me. “It was fate.” Please. That’s just giving up when you can’t figure out how to make the VCR record something while you’re away… “

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