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Too loud

I don’t know. Maybe, for all the past few years, across the three Borders or so that I have frequented, I got the impression that the cafe area was a place to eat, drink, read, maybe have some quiet, occasionally animated chatter. Maybe my impression of what a cafe is, has been wrong all along.

But goddamit, that effin’ group of 6-8 soccer moms sitting smack in the middle of the cafe was so loud, it really started to piss me off. Made it very hard to study.

And it went on…and on… I mean, sometimes, you’ll get 2-3 teenagers in there, they’ll sit there, chatting loudly at each other or on a cellphone. But teenagers tend to have short attention spans. They’re there, they’re loud, they’re gone in 10 minutes

These women, I’m convinced, were cemented to their chairs. I just wish it would have locked their gabbing jaws as well.

Not all is bad in my world, though. New York tomorrow, it’ll be great fun. After thinking I’d not much enjoy it, I found that I loved the city when I was there in late Jan./early Feb. Although I don’t think I’d want to live there, I can see why it attracts the tourists.


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