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ARGH *whimper*

My back is killing me. There’s no other way to put it. I feel a little better now, but the fact that, from last night until about 3 hours ago, I wasn’t able to get up out of a chair faster than oh, say, 2-3 seconds… this is not a Good Thing.

I tweaked my back about 2 months ago (?), and to this day, dunno what caused it. It seemed to be better, finally, but volleyball yesterday destroyed me.

Doctor’s visit will have to be scheduled this week. Of course, then the doctor will send me to a specialist, who will send me to get tests done, all of which will culminate with some chiropractic quackery.

I hope I don’t need surgery :(

Other than THAT…. volleyball was fun! Too bad I tore my contact and had to drive from Vienna to Sterling and back to get new a new lens or two. I have always loved volleyball, but I haven’t gotten to play it much — and the first few games yesterday showed this :). I simply cannot serve overhand anymore, bleh.

Time to find some dumplings, or something, to eat. 3:00 and I haven’t eaten more than a few Starbursts today.

Speaking of starbursts — go to and make sure that the Lemon flavour stays, and the green apple goes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the green apple, but the lemon is a helluva lot better, and there’s no reason to lose it.

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