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Pretty damn accurate.

Ok, I’m generally not into the whole “lists” thing on LJ. However, I ran across this site on someone else’s journal, and decided to check it out.

FindYourSpot — a website that gives you a pretty in-depth survey of your interests, and gives you a list of which cities/areas in the U.S. might be best suited for your tastes, should you decide to move somewhere.

This said:

Biloxi/Gulfport, MS
Gainesville, FL
Tallahassee, FL
Chattanooga, TN
San Marcos, TX
Greenville, SC
Deland, FL
Kent, WA
Hickory, NC
Olympia, WA
Charleston, SC
Bloomington, IN
Knoxville, TN
Clarksville, TN
Bryan/College Station, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Hattiesburg, MS
Ashville, NC
Johnson City/Kingsport, TN
Athens, GA
Maryville, TN
Tuscaloosa, AL
Ocala, FL
Albany, NY

I always said I like TN, but the fact that three of them listed are both near my college town — Knoxville (~1 1/2 hours), Maryville (2 hours) and Johnson City (1/2 hour) — pretty much confirms it. Not sure where Clarkesville is; Chattanooga was nice, for the few hours I was there.

Greenville SC, and its suburbs… very nice, too.

A lot of Floridas on there. I’ve never been to Florida.

Really curious.

cswiii @ 5:37 pm

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