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So many thoughts running through

So many thoughts running through my head.

National moments of prayer: I can’t help but fear that this has alterior motives. No, I am not doubting that Bush is sincere in his prayer, nor am I doubtful about any of the other participants. But I worry that this will be used as a tool to promote solidarity, en route to thoughts of battle.

I took a moment, but by myself.

Then I read this:

* * * * * * * *

Sept. 14 — The Senate on Friday authorized “all necessary and appropriate force” against terrorism and approved a $40 billion down payment for recovery and retaliation in a sustained, perhaps years-long war. President Bush, meanwhile, prepared to activate up to 50,000 military reservists and lead a National Day of Prayer by attending a church service and traveling to New York City.

THE HOUSE was expected to quickly follow the unanimous Senate votes. The last time the Senate voted on military action — just before the Persian Gulf War — the vote was a bare majority, 51-47.

. . .

“This is now the focus of my administration … now that war has been declared,” Bush said.

* * * * * * * *

I need to take another moment of silence to pray that level heads prevail.

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