Gray Flannel Dwarf


I ain’t ghetto….

Act I:
Scene: Last night – sitting at the bar. Drinking my seven-and-seven.
Guy (sitting next to me): Yo man, what’s that?
Me: 7&7.
Guy: That drink tight?
Me: Yeah, it’s pretty good…
Guy: No man… is it strong?

Fast-forward to later that night:

Act II:
Scene: Me, at the bar, with someone who showed up later

Me (to Angie the bartender): Hey Angie, what are those blue drinks that people keep ordering?
Angie: They’re calling it a “loose pussy”. I think they just like saying that.
Me (laughing): Uh, ok, can we order two loose pussies?
Angie (also laughing): Sure thing, hon
Me: …But I’ll tell you what, you can make them as tight as you want.
Much laughter

…I’ve always been one to make use of new vocabulary.

cswiii @ 11:34 pm

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