Gray Flannel Dwarf


This is becoming habit!

I’m out on the balcony again. Why am I writing in a journal, when I should be sitting here writing the great American novel? haha. That’s what I feel like, with a baja blanket draping my legs and sitting here in a few layers of clothes.

In one respect, tonight’s a lot better, because I’m not knocking stuff over or worrying about trying to find my missing keys, both of which kinda tarnished last night’s sitting.

Tonight, every once in a while, I catch the first seasonal glimpses of my breath, condensing, dispersing, as one might appropriately expect to start occurring. It’s like an angel or some other ethereal spirit — I can’t always see it or make it happen, but I will continually catch it out of the corner of my eyes when I’m not expecting it, teasing, letting me know change is on the way.

Right there! It happened!

Tonight’s music selection is from what has turned out to be a great mix tape, received in the mail today (Thank you!). I hope she made a copy for herself, this is worth cherishing.

I think due to my late posting last night, this will appear as my fourth entry of the day for me. I think that’s some sorta personal record, even if it is unintentional.

cswiii @ 10:29 pm

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