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one of those “naked” dreams.

Last night I had a strange dream. Now, people always have those weird, “look, I’m naked in public” dreams. I had one of those last night. But usually, in those dreams, people are scared, nervous, etc. Completely frightened that they are butt-nekkid in public.

I wasn’t, though, in this dream. Instead, I was walking around town like that on purpose. I had some reason to do it — whether it be political, or what — I can’t remember now, why I did it, exactly. But sure enough, I walked around town, wearing nothing but a little beech leaf 1. Eventually, near the end of the dream, some secretary at a high school gave me a gym suit to put on.

There were some other parts to the dream, like these two sisters (whom I don’t like very much), who were asking me if I wanted to rent a room in their place. This probably has something to do with my friend, and his search for an apartment. But really, that stuff is inconsequential.

1 – That leaf was hardly suitable. I’m just sayin’… a beech leaf is really small, y’know?

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