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A while back, carrie recommended two things to me: A great website, Alibris, where you can find just about any out-of print book for which you may be looking. She also recommended a book, found at said site. The book is called Vagabonding in America, by Ed Buryn.

Now that I finished my last book or two, I’ve been able to get into Vagabonding. It’s curious. A lot of sociopolitical commentary in the beginning. While thus far bordering a bit on the anti-establishment (I’m sure the focus shifts a bit), it has some great statements.

Both of these are from page 26:

On Disney World Rides:

Here was the ultimate tourist trip: You spend money and go nowhere. Nothing happens to you. It has no value as an experience. You just rock gently and watch a million dollars worth of dolls do mechanical tricks in the name of the brotherhood of man. Ah man, ah me. An American Classic!

On Television:

With the set on, all conversation becomes superficial, often to everyone’s relief. No one has to speak, but if they do, no one has to listen — an ideal situation for handling company, or eating dinner with the family. Used this way, TV becomes and impediment to communication, an easy way out of social responsibility.

…I especially like the latter one.

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