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When little kids aren’t getting

When little kids aren’t getting enough of a given vitamin or mineral in their diet, they’ll subconciously, unknowingly shift their eating habits to get more of what they need. You can feed them sweets, and they’ll willingly eat candy until they turn into SweetTARTS… at which point they’ll start eating their leafy greens and their tuna casserole. Hey, I’m even the same way, I think… there will be times where I want to eat nothing but salad for days on end.

I think this behaviour is visible elsewhere in my life, though, too.

For a few months after college, I casually considered seminary. This ponderance came to surface again, about a year and a half later. All the while, I’d been having problems leading any sort of what I would call a quality “spritual life” around here… all the while, I kept reading my theology, writing down thoughts, in a scholarly manner. I was seriously studying this stuff.

A while later, I found something. It was pretty good. I thought I’d found what I was looking for. And slowly, my “studies” lessened a bit. But rather than succeeding in pulling in a younger crowd, which was this church’s focus, they instead were slowly absorbed into a community and became your typical dime-a-dozen community church — either that, or this was their eventual goal anyway, under the guise of attracting more GenX segment. Don’t get me wrong, the people were nice enough. But it was no longer what attracted me to it in the first place. Once the founding vicar and her husband left, I sorta just faded away.

Here I am, several months later… and I find myself getting involved in all sorts of theological and spiritually-related discussions, enquiries. Just today, a friend asked me about seminaries, and though I hadn’t researched them in quite a while, I was most happy to help him get some information.

Maybe we all have this reflex… I have a feeling that the Sept. 11 events have caused a lot of people to start listening to their souls.

Now I’m not saying that all the sudden everyone just picked up a Bible and started reciting Psalms and Lamentations. Everyone has their own spiritual walk and their own spiritual faith for guidance… and I think the recent tragedy caused a lot of people to dust off their hiking boots and find that path, realizing they are spiritually malnourished.

But I wonder how many are starving and don’t realize it — or want to, but can’t find a way to satiate their souls.

I know I’m starting to get a little empty around here. All the signs are there. I’m just tired of snacking.

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