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Pop Quiz: Name that quote!

From whence did the following statement come:

“Journalists don’t give opinions. We report the news and we describe the event. If a Palestinian guy blows up in a car, I will say it exactly the way I’m saying it right now: I will say a Palestinian guy blew himself up.”

A. European correspondent from a major cable news network, explaining how one avoids causing controversy while reporting from Israel.
B. Reporter and apologist from a prominent Qatari broadcaster, denying accusations of broadcaster bias.
C. Director of a nationally-funded Arabic broadcasting station, on maintaining journalistic objectivity.
D. A late night talk show host, lampooning talking heads on the struggling Democratic radio foothold, “Air America”.

Did you make your selection? If you guessed “C.”, you’re right! Ok, so I was tricky. I didn’t say which nation funded it, but that would’ve probably given it away.

The quote comes from an interview in Foreign Policy magazine with Mouafac Harb, Director of News at Alhurra (“Freedom”), a Congressionally-backed station which broadcasts local news, regional news and current events across the Middle East.

Kind of puts things, at least a little bit, in perspective, I think. “Homicide Bombers” indeed, Fox News.

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