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“Fair and Balanced”, indeed.

“The Votemaster”, over at, while analysing state and national polls makes the following observation:

The enormous descrepancy between Fox and the other two really raises some serious issues. A net difference of 16% between Fox and Rasmussen makes one wonder if Fox polls are reliable.

I made the same observation on Slashdot, using statistical analysis put together by the seemingly defunct Radio Free Monkey charts… although the original stats cat, Professor Pollkatz, has a similar chart. In a different poll — disapproval rating, as opposed to voter preference — Fox consistently shows numbers for Bush a good deal more flattering than the rest of the organisations. Pollkatz himself makes this observation in statistical manner that is a bit more quantitiative than my “gut feeling”.

The arguments I tend to hear, when making these observations is, “You don’t know how the polls were conducted”, or “How do you/we know the questions were the same?” Well, let’s consider for a minute then… if Fox’s questions are so different as to skew their results, why are they straying from a methodology that others seem to be following? For the second — without seeing the actual polls, yes, you’re right, I don’t know for sure if the questions were the same. But that leads back to questioning their methodology.

Really, it’s just surprising to me that Fox is being so brazen. It’s easy to call yourself “Fair and Balanced” when there’s little quantitative data that can be used to nail you to a tree. However, to release poll numbers which are so obviously juiced is a little more telling.

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