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The walloping of deceased equines continues

A fairly telling article, per the Center for American Progress: “Public Opinion Watch – June 30, 2004

Was Fox really polling the same country? You’ve gotta wonder. The survey dates of the two polls are virtually identical, we’re talking about the same universe (registered voters) and the same matchup—and yet the results are starkly different.

I especially don’t buy it when we look at Fox’s Pennsylvania results. Fox, polling on June 22–23, has Bush ahead by 3 points among RVs in Pennsylvania. But, the highly reputable Quinnipiac University poll, polling on June 21–22 and also polling RVs, had Kerry ahead by 6 points. What a difference a day makes—or, considerably more likely, what a difference the Fox News treatment makes.

Lest anyone still be skeptical, read the article — they cite more examples of Fox numbers and give suggestions as to why they might appear skewed.

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