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Nicole and I have differed on this, but in the end, her pick for Kerry’s running-mate has won in the veepstakes.

I’m still not so sure this was the right decision for Kerry. Perhaps Edwards will help Kerry pick up NC, maybe even Virginia, but there’s no chance that he’ll make a dent in the Southern red states. This isn’t to say that taking these two would not be good — but swing states like Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania — perhaps even West Virginia — are, in my opinion, a lot more important… and I don’t think Edwards will pack as much of a punch in these states. Furthermore, I am a bit nervous about seeing a green, one-term Senator take on Darth Cheney in the debates.

Then again, as it has been said, the VP candidate hasn’t historically made much of a difference, in the overall scheme of things, in past elections. We’ll see how this one plays out.

It is really strange, though, that everything has fallen the way it has. It has been historically rare that the winner of the first primary gets the nod, and yet Kerry did it. It is also rare that the candidates picked running mates who were otherwise fierce competition in the primaries; they generally opted for someone less well-known… and yet, again, Kerry has chosen to do so.

Finally, Kerry’s timing to pick his running mate, while highly anticipated and agonised by many, was actually fairly early –21 days before the convention — as compared to the past few candidates.

All this “unconventional conventionalism” — i.e., decisions that seem to follow the most predicted path even though things rarely unfold as expected — makes me wonder how much of the Kerry support is a Democratic war cry/rally — but one of some desparation, from a party which seems to have lost its focus over the past 10+ years.

This said, much as I dislike Bush, and want to see him out of office, I’d also hate to see the Dems make Bush their sole focus. If they do not put together a bona fide vision beyond 2004-2008, I fear we’ll see the reverse whiplash occur in 2008.

Then again, if the GOP wants to run McCain in 2008, I haven’t got a problem… ;).

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