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Kudos to Mr. Bill Steigerwald, who has written what appears to me to be the most balanced appraisal of Fahrenheit 9/11 that I have seen, to date.

It’s true, as charged, that he grossly overstates the Bush family’s Saudi-oil connections, screws up the timing of an oil pipeline deal in Afghanistan to Bush’s discredit and portrays Iraq under Saddam as a happy playground for kite-flying boys.

And Moore no doubt encouraged the pitifully patriotic, Army-loving, Jesus-trusting mother to make her distraught pilgrimage from Flint, Mich., to the White House after her son is killed in Iraq. Hailed by some as the emotional climax of the film, the battle-hardened Hitchens more accurately described it as “nauseating.”

But slam Moore all you want for his political motives and manipulative methods. He didn’t make President Bush rush us off to an ill-advised war, act goofy in public or say so many embarrassingly dumb things on camera.

Moore didn’t make Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, et al. say things in Washington that could be so effectively discredited by cutting to images of maimed U.S. soldiers or grainy video clips of burned, wounded and dead children in Iraq.

Speaking of “balanced”, I’d be interested in seeing this film, if only to see the supposed “handful of memos” talked about in the review.

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