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I found a weblog that probably everyone else has seen already: The Daily Kos.

Dated yesterday, Kos had some interesting commentary concerning the Democrats’ apparent inability to “laugh off” even the most vaguely controversial statements made by their party members, or those associated with them.

I’d had this feeling for years, but never really got around to putting it in words; I noticed it way back in the day when I used to listen to Limbaugh (more for the amusement factor) and hang out with assorted Young Republicans. I always wondered why he, and others, always could seemingly “get away” with things containing more vitriol, more often, than anyone on the left. Probably part of that has had to do with the terrible organisational skills and lack of any real, meaty message by the Dems over the past few decades, but really, it seems to be more than that. Indeed, the Dems seem to be whipped; afraid to say things that may, in the slightest chance, be misconstrued, and at the same time, never call the right on it when they do the same thing.

Maybe it is truly a case of political incorrectness gone to far – the Dems have gone and convinced themselves that anything controversial is bad news — and thus they allow themselves to get beat over the head by the GOP, using the same bat.

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