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strangest restroom stop ever.

I went over to the new Irish restaurant and pub in town, O’Faolain’s, this evening. As one might expect, I eventually had to make my way over to the restroom.

Without getting to clinical, we’ll just say that I walked in, found the head… only to have the guy at the spot next to me immediately get chatty.

“I see you’ve got the short one.” He joked, referring to the aforementioned porcelain fixture which was, admittedly, way low to the ground. There are three of them there, of various heights, the first of which is situated quite low, and the third of which is extremely high. He went on to chatter about how, one time, he was in there and there were two other guys; there was a really tall guy using the short head, and a really short guy using the tall one.

Needless to say, it was a slightly uncomfortable conversation.

Meanwhile, while standing there, the door opens and we immediately hear a slightly-flustered statement of, “Oh, I’m sorry”. As it were, a woman accidentally opened the mens’ room door, and almost came in.

Probably the weirdest two minutes I’ve ever spent in the restroom, hands down.

cswiii @ 1:28 am

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