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The Ketchup Splinter Faction

Alternate headline:
“Cantankerous conservative ketchup competitor cops confounding complaint” News: “First Rounds Fired in Conservative ‘Ketchup War’”

“We can no longer allow W Ketchup to masquerade as a conservative condiment and continue to market itself to our fellow Republicans without answering several troubling questions that have come to light since its emergence in mid-June,” remarked Bush Country Ketchup co-founder and volunteer press secretary for a Congressional candidate Patrick Spero, whose slogan is “Making sure Kerry won’t ketchup to W.”

As amusing as this little bit of infighting might be, I can’t shake the notion that if this isn’t a grand example of blind neoconservative, partisan clinging, I don’t know what is.
Seriously, who cares, you know?

cswiii @ 5:29 pm

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