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Mixed messages

These two articles came out, only a day apart.


The median pay for a CEO in the United States increased by 15 percent last year, and rose even more – 22 percent -for chiefs at larger companies, according to a survey by The CorporateLibrary.


Americans’ overall income shrank for two consecutive years after stocks plunged in 2000, the first time that has effectively happened since the current tax system was put in place during World War II, according to a published report Thursday.

Cute, real cute. I am sick of the corporate lie continually fed to investors and the public that capping CEO pay would “seriously hinder the company’s ability to retain quality executives”. If executives helped their companies 10% as much as their salaries continue to increase in the US, the DJIA would be at 20,000 right now, not clinging for its life at 10,000

cswiii @ 4:05 pm

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