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King of Fools, that is me.

So, forever ago (as it seems) I bought a Sharp Zaurus PDA from some guy on ebay. It came with a WCF11 802.11b card. I was having fun with the thing, but the main reason I bought it was because I wanted to learn about warchalking, and figured this would be the ideal tool to do it.

Well, I was never able to get Kismet or any of these other tools to work with it, so I started mucking around with wlanctl-ng, digging deep into the murky depths of the CF card. Still couldn’t get it to work. Mucked with more stuff along the way, never quite remembering what I changed.

Next thing I knew, I was no longer to ever grab an IP address from a wireless connection. I could eth0 up and eth0 down, etc; I could locate wireless connections, i.e., the card would go from blinking (“not connected”) to a solid light whenever I had SSIDs matched up. But I could never grab an IP address!

For months this went on, and I pretty much assumed I fried the card somehow. Every once in a while, I picked the thing up, fiddled with it, never could get it to work. I still used the PDA functions on occasion, but for the most part, I gave up on the device, because, again, the main reason I bought it was to mess around w/ WLAN.

Well, cleaning tonight, I picked it up again. The thing has been plugged in for about 3 months now (this, after having drained all battery — and thus SD card content, twice), but unused. I halfheartedly google for some information.

Oh, wait, what’s that? Network | Settings….

What? I see all these modules for PPP and TCP..what… no, can’t be….

… I enabled TCP over Ethernet, and was browsing websites in 5 seconds.


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