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James Jackson wants out of the Cleveland Browns organisation. The third-string RB, drafted in 2001, feels he’s never been given a fair shake in Cleveland, and has even threatened to “go to the CFL”.

Somehow, I don’t think that scares the Browns too much.

Fact is, they already have William Green, and Lee Suggs, the latter of which may well become their starting RB this year. While neither is a proven superstar, the Browns nonetheless don’t need another player who feels he deserves starting time. Regardless, what has this guy done to deserve more time, anyway? In his rookie year (2001), he rushed for a measly 2.8 yards per carry, and though he did better in diminished roles, the fact is, he’s never shone, and the old adage always holds true about first impressions.

The Browns, on their part, have been shopping him around, but want a third round draft pick, which I think is a bit high, as he, himself, was drafted 3 years ago in the same round.

Regardless of all this, I’d have to think that his threat to go to the CFL is all talk… and if it’s not, he’s a moron. I am not sure what his salary is here, in the NFL right now, but the average NFL salary has recently topped $1 million, whereas the average CFL player makes about $55,000 — in Canadian dollars. If Jackson is starting to think the CFL is his only way out, then he’s got much, much larger concerning any NFL career.

I don’t know if this guy is just a lot of talk, or completely out of touch with reality, but either way, he doesn’t seem like someone I’d want on my team either if I was Butch Davis — or any other NFL coach, for that matter. Attacks on management and coaching are poison to a team in the first place — to tolerate them from someone who’s never shown to be much of a star might well be lethal.

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