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Spin Control, Spin Cycle.

The amusement I am getting out of this gasbag of a post is tremendous. The neocons are putting out enough spin to power a small island. Their “evidence” mounts… but really, you can see it’s more desparation than evidence, especially as you approach updates 7 and 8.

Personally, I think people are chasing a false lead — I’m guessing the documents were retyped in Word by someone at CBS, for whatever reason, perhaps clarity for TV? Dunno, and that doesn’t explain why, post-broadcast, CBS would release any such “redone” reports rather than the originals. Anyway, I could care less about the Vietnam cards played by either side, really… but to watch these dumbasses shit themselves trying to find a way out of this one is fun. Karma’s a bitch.

More fun, however, will be watching the NFL season open tonight.

cswiii @ 5:37 pm

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