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Instant Replay

Got to talking with a friend of mine regarding the ups and downs that “instant replay” has seen in the NFL over the years. This year is the most confusing yet, with something like a team getting a third challenge for free, if they get the first two overturned, and Saturn is on the cusp of Leo, etc., etc… it’s all just way too confusing… so I came up with some alternates.

1. When a play is challenged, the TV puts up a 1-900 number on the screen, where fans call in and vote. Of course, they will be charged $2.99/minute for this.

2. Alternately, maybe they could tie the replay to a skill question, like in a Canadian sweepstakes. Perhaps it would add a bit of a cerebral aura to the game. I can see it now…

“Well, we made our decision, and yes, we will overrule the call on the field, but in order to get the ruling, you will be required to answer this arithmetic problem…”

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