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While I realize the Bush Administration is far from perfect, I’ve become convinced that a Kerry administration would be a DISASTER. For this country. For the world. I mean, does anyone know a Kerry supporter who knows what Kerry plans to do in Iraq if elected?

I don’t know what Kerry’s plans are, and I would honestly like to hear what his would be — although apparently he did talk briefly yesterday about more international forces and better training of Iraqis or something.

Meanwhile, according to Novak, looks like whoever ends up in the WH is ready to duck and run:

And no, I’m not voting for Bush. Like you, Massy, I am a fan of neither, but I’d rather see a sharp turn to the left — which I don’t think would happen anyway — that would at least drift us back towards centre, as opposed to a continuation of this dangerous neocon right turn we’ve been in for the past four years.

Bush isn’t even a Republican. Large government, big spending, cancerous foreign policy? Those aren’t GOP values. If the GOP put a real candidate in office (McCain would’ve been nice, but Karl Rove’s “illegitimate black baby” poll killed that campaign) I would vote Republican with not a concern in the world.

As it stands, though, Bush has pushed through a lot of policy that has done a great deal of damage, in my opinion, to our freedoms. The argument often made about the Patriot Act is, “it only affects terrorists”. Not true at all, as I saw minor effects of it, after selling my condo. Meanwhile, this policy of unilateral preemption is just downright foolish and stupid — and it will bite back at us hard, in the end.

Historically, upon getting a second mandate from the people, a President takes much of his second term to work on his “Legacy”, which usually encompasses much of his core values. We have already seen what Bush’s core values are. Somehow, if Bush is re-elected, I don’t forsee a lot of “puppy dog and apple pie” evocations when he speaks. Rather, I fear an even more hard line.

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