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A little bit of vindication

People are starting to get it. I hope. I thought the following from an ongoing conversation was a pretty damning indictment, all things considered.

[...]I voted for him, I was with him on the 9/11 thing, I thought he handled it masterfully, but since then he’s totally blown it: Iraq, the environment, the Patriot Act, which I just skimmed — thanks Corey — try calling yourself a libertarian and voting for the administration that passed that — the drug benefit, the shoddy budget work. All disasters. And he’s smug about every one of those things. He thinks they are great ideas.

I’m finding it hard to think about voting for Kerry. But I have to be honest and say that my voting for Bush is a vote for a fantasy Republican Candidate and not for the reality. If this guy had the exact record and policies that he has now but the label “Independent” instead of “Republican,” we’d all be against him. He’s terrible and we all know it.

If he were a prof at one of our colleges, we’d think he was a joke. Because he is a joke. Reagan had pieces of guys like Bush in his stool.

cswiii @ 9:47 am

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