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Judging a book by its cover

A while back I wrote this off-the-cuff observation based on the appearance of what looked to be old high-school era pictures of Yahiye Adam Gadahn.

Today, I ran across this apologetic via Drudge, written by Gadahn.

In the meantime, I had become obsessed with demonic Heavy Metal music, something the rest of my family (as I now realize, rightfully so) was not happy with. My entire life was focused on expanding my music collection. I eschewed personal cleanliness and let my room reach an unbelievable state of disarray. My relationship with my parents became strained, although only intermittently so. I am sorry even as I write this.

…don’t think I could’ve been more spot-on with that one, eh.

Strangely enough, this sounds little different from the “testamonials” I heard ad nauseum during my stint in Tennessee. Evangelicals, and indeed, fundamentalism, all sound the same, mattering not how they’re packaged.

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