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Autumn beers

Been trying to organise certain bits of the house in order to move in a lot of the wife’s stuff, and to figure out where to put all the wedding gifts. This has been actually pretty difficult, because I haven’t much furniture, shelving, or storage in my house, so everything remains cluttered. Literally half my basement is gone.

Clearing and arranging cupboards, I once again encountered the 750mL bottle of Liefmans Kriekbier. I’ve had it for some time now — at least one year, probably more than two, but that’s okay because it’s been sitting in various dark cupboards, and regardless, after deciding to open it, it turns out that it aged pretty well. I already wish I’d sat and savoured it some more, but as it stands, I was trying to get things done, and drank most of it down pretty quickly, letting my roommate try some of it, in exchange for a bit of chocolate, which, albeit milk chocolate and not dark, complemented the beer well.

Fall always makes me want to try new beers, and while this wasn’t a new one to me, it indeed makes me want to hit the beer store tomorrow to find something tasty, perhaps sit out on the back porch and take in the crisp air.

Then again, it’s supposed to be near 80 tomorrow. I guess I’ll just have to buy enough to get me through this warm snap ;).

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