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Seeds of change

The whole thing about going into Iraq was first to get rid of the WMDs… and of course none were found. Then it’s because Iraq harboured terrorists, which also turned out to be a farce.

So then it’s to go in and liberate Iraq from a repressive regime and help make the country a self-sustaining entity.

Of course, what a better way to do that than mandate that the country be dependent on foreign seed.

Order 81 is a new patent law that includes a chapter on plant variety protection. The gist of this chapter is that Iraqi farmers are now only allowed to plant “protected” crop varieties defined as new, distinct, uniform and stable. The heritage seeds Iraqi farmers have been saving since the time of Babylon do not meet these criteria; those that do are products of multi-national seed companies and include transgenic seeds. In addition, this order gives plant breeders that claim to have discovered the new varieties the exclusive rights to all production and sales of the “protected” varieties in seed and harvested plant form.

Cute. Especially when one considers Monsanto’s past legal actions

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