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35 Chinese

So to celebrate the Chinese new year (xin nian kuai le!) and to celebrate severing the last tangible vestiges we had with DC (sold my old house), we decided we were going to go to dinner tonight. The wife called a friend’s relative who just so happens to live in the area, and he recommended 35 Chinese if we wanted good, real Chinese food.

And what impressive fare we had! Yeah, yeah, they had the buffet like every Chinese place has these days, but I totally steered clear of that old hat.

Instead… boiled sichuan fish! Cold sichuan noodles! Shredded potatoes with peppers! Just freaking fantastic!! I have no doubt that my insides will be feeling the effects of all that sichuan pepper, long about 4 AM, but it was well worth it.

Too bad I have a self-imposed ban and/or distaste for reheated seafood lunches in the office (phew!), or else I’d bring some in tomorrow. Oh well, the noodles will be pretty good, right around noon…

And by the way — the author of the review linked above gave the place two stars… even though he correctly admits that “Meanwhile, the rest of Cary continues to belly up to the buffet. They’re missing the boat,” and also states at the end, “2: Number of stars awarded. Steer clear of the buffet tables and stick with the authentic menu, though, and your experience is likely to rate another star. *”

I’d agree. This is at least a three star joint…. and we got four large dishes for under $40.

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