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I never knew that a mere two digits in zipcodes could mean such a crazy distance. See for yourself, however: Apex to Benson is only two digits in the world of zipcodes, but it is, apparently, a heckuva lot further in mileage.

I ended up finding Benson when lookup up PCUSA churches. There is, of course, nothing in Apex, so following their recommendation, I entered the first three digits, and voila.

As an interesting side note, it appears that Benson has a Baptist church that resides on none other than “Drag Strip Road“.

Anyway, I am not so sure I have had any good luck yet, but I guess it won’t be certain until I visit some places. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (garish!) or make predetermined judgements (tiny!), but when I have already have some pretty high standards built-in to my search(es), it’s hard not to be critical (MS-Paint!).

And lest I give the wrong impression, I am not gonna try and judge a church based on the quality of their website (or lack thereof)… but I do kinda wish I could find on these churches’ websites — or any church, really — the real meat and potatoes of what they’re about… assuming they even serve up any of that in the first place, as opposed to sugar and fluff.

In addition to the two above, there looks to be one other PCUSA church in Cary, although I am a bit leery of attending a church there — but again, that’s just preconceived notions on my part, notions that shouldn’t cross my mind.

Does seem to me to be a lot of PCA churches this way, though, which isn’t quite my bag, either.

Maybe I’m just predestined to be on an eternal hunt, of sorts.

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