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Poppin’ caps

(I am sure I will see some interesting search queries for the site, based on that title)

One thing I’d begun to hear about, shortly before moving down here, was the silly, antiquated laws in NC — and four other states, for that matter — regarding alcohol content in beers. More specifically, in NC, you can’t sell a beer that is any stronger than 6%. This is not fun, esp. when my favourite beer (9%), and a few others by the same company, are above that level.

So anyway, such a silly law exists… at least, that is the case currently… but that may be changing soon.

My friend told me about efforts to remove this cap, beginning this year, in the State legislature. Sure enough, a new bill was introduced yesterday that would effectively remove the cap on alcohol percentage.

More information is available at Pop the Cap. They also happen to have a blog.

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