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Crome Yellow

Been listening to the reading of Aldous Huxley’s Crome Yellow. I keep imagining it as a movie, which I guess, to me anyway, is a sign that the book is pretty good.

I don’t know that they would/could make a movie out of Crome Yellow though… there’s a lot of internal dialogue. I guess that hasn’t stopped anyone before, but it’s a good listen (and generally speaking, would be a good read, too) as is, I am not sure how modifying it, or getting rid of any of the internal dialogue would work.

I guess they could make a miniseries out of it, narrated.

Anyway, Huxley is quite descriptive of his characters in this book, and I keep imagining who might play the roles. For example, I imagine Mackenzie Crook as the brooding, self-involved Denis… and despite the description of his “rich, rather unctuous voice”, I keep picturing Mr. Barbecue-Smith looking something like Wallace Shawn.

I have an image of what I’d expect Mary to look like, too, but I can’t think of any particular actresses offhand who resemble this.

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