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Family Values and Wishful Thinking

The GOP is all about “traditional values”, a term which has been perverted into being family values. I’d wager that personal privacy and indivdual rights are traditional values, and indeed are rights that the the GOP perhaps used to espouse. However, it seems that large bastions of the conservative constituency are quite oblivious to the planks in their own eyes. According to this New York Times article, there are a interesting differences between lifestyle choices between different regions in the US, regions which also happen to encompass a political divide.

Now, I can already see the GOP harping about this… hell, it’s been a favourite for years:

Generally, the study found, states in the Northeast and the West had a higher percentage of unmarried-partner households than those in the South, In Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, unmarried couples made up more than 7 percent of all coupled households, about the twice the proportion of such households in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Oh, dear heavens. Living together… unmarried… in sin!! What to do??

Oh, wait a second, though…

On teenage births, the same differences become clear. In New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, about 5 percent of babies are born to teenage mothers, while in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming, 10 percent or more of all births are to teenage mothers.

The study also found that the percentage of births to unmarried mothers was highest in the South.

Compare this to the study that came out a few years ago indicating that the highest divorce levels in the US tend to be in the south (some numbers can be found here), and things become ever more interesting.

Family values, indeed.

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