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Zhong guo ren hen xi huan ta men de da ka che

Never mind that the pearl-white Nissan gulps twice as much gas as the Citro�n. “This car is big, so it’s much safer” in the chaotic traffic, says the 34-year-old manager for a real estate services company. “I really enjoy driving it.”

Article saved below for future reference.

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Silly Beijingren

This is what happens when you live with your news filtered through one authoritarian organisation your whole life. What’s even funnier is that the original ‘story’ mentions Toronto as a “long shot”.
Beijing paper falls for gag in American tabloid

BEIJING, June 7 (Reuters) – Beijing’s most popular newspaper has unwittingly republished a bogus story about U.S. Congress threats to skip town for Memphis or Charlotte unless Washington builds them a new Capitol building with a retractable dome.

The source? America’s celebrated spoof tabloid, the Onion.

The Beijing Evening News, which claims a circulation of 1.25 million, translated portions of the Onion’s tall tale word-for-word in the international news page of its June 3 edition.

The reprinted version of the May 29 article, which parodies Congress as a Major League Baseball squad, also copied the Onion’s would-be blueprint for a new legislative home that resembles a ballpark.

“Don’t get us wrong: We love the drafty old building,” the Onion jestingly quoted House Speaker Dennis Hastert saying.

“But the hard reality is, it’s no longer suitable for a world-class legislative branch. The sight lines are bad, there aren’t enough concession stands or bathrooms, and the parking is miserable.”

The spoof from the brazen entertainment tabloid, which dubs itself “America’s finest news source,” apparently took in the Evening News.

“The story was written by one of our freelance writers,” an editor at the Evening News told Reuters on Friday. “His stuff has been pretty much reliable before.”

The editor said he had received other calls from readers about the article. “They were also suspicious of the contents.”

Told the story came from the Onion and was not true, the editor said, “We would first have to check that out. If it’s indeed fake, I’m sure there will be some form of correction.”

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June 04 Reflections.

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the Tian An Men Square massacre. Should you not be familiar with this event, The China Reader has quality articles and excerpts that show great contrast between what outside observers and Chinese nationals saw, and what was published by the State. Particularly interesting was Chen Xitong’s “editorial”. If I can find a piece of this propaganda online, I’ll do so, but until then, you’ll have to get the book to read it.

I had a great time in Beijing when I was there, and recommend the trip to anyone interested in seeing a whole new world. Any visitor to China will tell you it’s certainly not “communist” in any economic sense of the word. Yet, while China can hardly be called “socialist” anymore, it’s certainly still a totalitarian regime. There is progress, but sometimes it just seems painfully slow. The massacre at Tian An Men, though, is key in that the force used in quelling this protest has sadly discouraged a lot of dissent since.

I’ve been doing some gardening this spring. My balcony is covered in all sort of herbs, peppers and other vegetables. Some of these were destroyed in a recent storm. Some, while heavily damaged, have come back strong. Some weren’t affected.

It occurred to me soon thereafter, and in the light of things, people, and places I’ve recently experienced, that nations and opinions are like plants and wind. If the wind is too strong and the plant is too young, the plant can be dealt a devistating blow, there’s always a chance of that. Sometimes this is a risk you have to take. Sheltering a plant from the wind may protect it from immediate dangers, but this is a false strength; This same plant may even topple due to the sheer weight of its initial fruits because it has no strong foundation.

On the other hand, it’s well known that plants generally do better if they are subjected to continual, gentle breezes. Their stalks strengthen to resist the elements, thus leading the plant to grow strong over time, eventually bearing much fruit.

Expression of opinion, even dissenting, is of utmost importance in the building of a strong nation or other structured organization. Not allowing this to occur can only stunt growth… if not cause the whole thing to topple.

* Renmin Ribao (People’s Daily) April 26 editorial, prior to the massacre.
* Deng Xiaoping’s speech to martial law units, following the events.
* China’s first game in the 2002 World Cup coincides with the massacre.

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Pictures, part II

I don’t think I should keep updating every time I add more pictures, as I do have a few more to put up. After this update, though, there should be sufficient numbers to satiate the palates of most, for now. In addition, I have reorganised them in a logical manner.

Pictures can be found at the same location: … from there, enter the “sights/” directory.

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ni hao from america

i have returned to DC, many many hours after leaving Beijing. What a distance that is.

I have a lot of stuff to post about the Beijing Experience, but I’m not sure how to arrange it exactly. I guess I should transfer the journal stuff here, and then make a photo journal on my website, with captions, etc. I dunno. I am too tired to think about the details.

I really should learn how to mount my cam as a USB device on the linux box. That would sufficiently motivate me to fix all the pictures.

I need some western food. Loved every bit of the food in China — well, almost every bit — but I have a sweet pork hangover, now. I do know, however, that there’s a new pizza place nearby, that’s open till 4.00 AM on the weekends…

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ni hao from beijing

Slow modem (28.8) + no graphics program = pictures small in quantity and large in size (400k+) uploaded thus far. Enjoy the meager selection here.

P.S. I’m We’re having a great time :)

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hey everyone.

We’re going to Beijing! :D

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