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Muerte Las Vegas, Britney

I don’t much follow pop music, much less do I pay attention to MTV, but this footage and ensuing commentary about Britney Spears is fairly amusing.

That said, there’s something oddly fitting for this whole thing to have taken place in Las Vegas. I think it’s because, at this point, we can’t possibly be far from the fat and bloated, dead-on-a-toilet ElvisBritney.

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No you can’t have a job. Not Yours.

Well, looks like someone already beat the rest of us to it in noting CNN’s (well, actually’s) faux pas in their article about…. well, resume faux pas.

Not too cool or swift of either the network or the job site, although their point still stands. If I were them though, I woulda just changed the email… to “furrygoth123″ or something.

Then again, in the internet age, fame comes and goes in fleeting moments. If I were the victim of this one, I’d be trying to cash in on the notoriety.

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photo cred phun

CNN is currently displaying the following image on their front page of that Montreal shooter.

Kimveer Gill

…but did anyone take a close look at the photo credit? bwahahhaa.

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[Bush to media: pwn3ed!]
Click for large version

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