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How to get fit (and frustrated) through cycling in ten easy steps.

Looking to start bike riding? Wanting to get in shape? Here’s a free guide I’ve put together, built solely on personal experience, to help you get the most out of your bike riding:

1. Start off in the spring hitting the trails and do a pretty terrific ride or two.

2. Realise your rear tire seems a bit low, but continue to try and pump it with your now seemingly-broken portable bike pump.

3. Keep riding for several days, feeling continually crappier and crappier and more exhausted each trip, wondering why you’re regressing.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 as needed.

5. Buy a new portable pump, and while you’re at it, decide to purchase a standalone pump to store in your garage.

6. Come home to find it’s a good thing you bought the standalone because your rear tire is now completely deflated.

7. Pump your rear tire, noting that the tire wall recommends 45-60 psi.

8. Decide to check your front tire using the gauge on the pump.

9. Find yourself aghast that it’s only around 30 psi — maybe — and pump it up within spec.

10. Hit the trails once again, this time being amazed at how much simpler your ride is, and how it is magnitudes easier than ever to make it up those hills upon which you were crawling before, all while feeling very stupid for not buying working pump(s) several weeks earlier.

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Talkin’ David versus Goliath Bike Ridin’ Blues

Did a bit of biking today. I have really been enjoying my bike outings lately. I have been riding the Wake County portion of the American Tobacco Trail as of late, but since Chatham County is being lazy in getting their section complete… (in)convenienthly smack in the middle between Wake and Durham counties, it is getting boring riding the same stretch over and over again.

Thus, today, I got on the road, went about 2 miles down to the Log Pond portion of the Carolina Connection trail, which is also encompassed by US Bike Route 1. Rode that for a while and then looped back onto the ATT and rode home from there… probably did between 15 and 20 miles today, so I’m pretty pleased.

It’s always the first 2 miles or so of hills that get me, then I am fine. I would like to eventually be able to bike the Cape Fear Run, which heads into Wilmington. 140 miles or so… I’ll get there eventually.

Anyway, a large portion of my trip encompassed pieces of New Hill, NC, which is currently embroiled in a battle with schoolyard bully Cary, over the latter’s desires to build a waste treatment plant within the town limits. I lost count of how many Stop Cary signs I saw, and saw many other more amusing ones. Two notables:

  • A toilet sitting out near the road with a stuffed bulldog on top of it, accompanying a sign which read something to the effect of, “If you won’t take ours, we won’t take yours”
  • A sign sitting outside an old, vacant gas station (when was the last time you saw gas for $1.37/1.47?) that read, “Save New Hill, don’t “Waste” It!”

In any case, it was a good ride, and even kind of thought provoking. Next time I may try riding down the ATT, connect onto Log Pond and ride into Moncure, NC. I am sure there will be some interesting stories to learn there, too.