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Interesting dream

So, right about that time when I was supposed to be waking up this morning, I had this crazy dream going on.

In the dream, there were a bunch of journalists invited over to the Clinton house for some event — like a “behind the scenes” sort of campaign event, or an informal party, or something — but it was a strictly off-the-record event — no notebooks, no cameras, etc.

Event took place, and shortly thereafter, an anonymous story was published in a newspaper, highlighting a discovery that Hillary was seen somewhat cozy with this guy that wasn’t Bill — holding hands, etc. Furthermore, a photo was somehow taken which corroborated this charge. It was further claimed that there were actually secret divorce/pre-divorce filings going on in the background between the Clintons, but that things were on the down-low for now, and Bill was helping with Hillary’s political ambitions first.

Meanwhile, this was all over the TV — for example, Chris Matthews, or someone, was talking to a journalist trying to identify the author. One of the journalists (or other attendees?) eventually revealed his thoughts as to whom he guessed the author was — some writer for one of the more gossipy newsrags — but for the most part, no one was talking. At the same time people, after the story had broken, these same journalists were also backing up the assertions — they’d seen the same thing.

Kind of a crazy dream. It was fantastically lucid. I guess the funniest part about it all was the fact that it did seem real — and in fact, in the dream itself, I found myself doing a google news search for info about this.

More and more, I find this the case, though. Rather than having a dream that seems completely outlandish, and then waking up to know it’s just that… I find myself waking up and thinking there is a shred of truth to it — because, after all, I searched Google News, right? It’s another layer of surreality to peel away in the mornings.

Of course, in the real world, there must be some Hillary desperation going on somewhere, what with this joke of a press release. I mean, come on, it looks like something out of The Onion.

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