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Huge kudos to the North Carolina General Assembly and to Governor Mike Easley for passing HB392, which raises the cap on alcohol content in beer to 15%. North Carolinians will finally be able to purchase fantastic craft beers previously unavailable in the state, due to an older 6% imposed cap.

More thanks goes out to the folks at Pop the Cap for all their hard work campaigning and lobbying to get this done. Sean, if you’re ever in Apex, let me know — I owe you a round.

For what it’s worth, this is just in time for the World Beer Festival in Durham…

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This rainy weather is teh

This rainy weather is teh sux0rz :(.

Last weekend was a lot of fun, went down to the Raleigh area to help celebrate my Uncle’s 50th birthday. Much booze was consumed, many hot dogs and hamburgers consumed. One nice moment was when my (probably pretty toasted) uncle said to my aunt (his sister, not his wife), “You know, maybe I can be to Corey what Uncle Jack was, to me”. This won’t mean anything to anyone else reading this, but it was cool.

The drive back was amazingly smooth. I drove through Raleigh itself, and really think I’d like it. It reminded me of Johnson City, only a lot larger.

Beer was so cheap down there. The local bar (that actually loses money anytime my uncle throws one of his parties) was selling Killians for $2.25/bottle, and something else a slight step up, for $2.50. Compare that to the $5.00 Guinness and $3.50 Miller light I had last night at Carpool.

I do believe I actually see a bit of sunlight outside. However, the fields are probably too soaked for kickball today, the second week straight. Bleh.

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Went to “La Bodega” for

Went to “La Bodega” for dinner tonight, here in Toronto. Herbed goat cheese, mushrooms and red wine pear for appetizer, bordeaux and filet mignon in cognac sauce for dinner, and coffee/creme brulee for dessert… and a big surprise “happy birthday” dinner out of it all.

One of the best meals of my life, I think. I mean, the quality compared to other great place I’ve visited before, but just the environment, the meal, everything… now I know what Anthony Bourdain was seeking.

I love this city.

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Russian stuff…

A friend and old college roommate of mine recently moved up here . He’s originally from one of the southern Russian republics, however, and was looking for russian people/sites/shops. Recently, he found a place in McLean, The Russian Gourmet. We went there tonight, when it appeared the Redskins game was getting boring.

Neat place, albeit not as large as I’d hoped. He got a big kick out of their video selection, so if you know, or are learning Russian, I guess, you might enjoy that section of the store.

I bought some veal dumplings, a yummy russian tomato sauce, some russian beer (Moscova) and a Polish stout (can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t very good), as well as some russian candy. So dinner tonight consisted of dumplings and sauce, a sampling of beers, and finishing it off with some good cognac and a piece of candy or two to go with it (Russians traditionally eat chocolate with cognac).

Ethnic markets are fun. I don’t know that I’ll be going there often — I don’t know enough about Russian culture to really pick up choice items — but it was a neat place, all in all. Too bad they can’t sell Russian liquor. It would be easier than having my friend or his sister bring the bottles of cognac into the states, whenever they go home.

Funny thing: on the corkboard, with want ads, etc., was an amusing sign. My friend translated it. It came out to something like, “33 year old Russian male, looking for woman to assist with legal immigration”. More amusing, four or five of the phone number contact tabs had been taken.

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* There’s a bottle of Southern Comfort 100 Proof on my desk right now. Last night I bought it, and a bottle of Gentleman Jack, because I wanted some jagged stuff to keep around. Also because I thought the SoCo might inspire me to get some writing done… I had two shots all night, and fell asleep instead. I get so tired when I can’t go to the gym.

* I have a sense of humour.

* I really like the new tabbed interface in Mozilla v0.9.5.

* Toronto is wonderful.

* I want to take a nice, relaxing hit.

* The Bob Dylan Live: 1961-2000 is a neat compilation.

* She got a dozen red roses today. She was estatic.

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