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Redskins and Character

Regardless of talent, Gibbs is strongly opposed to signing players who have unseemly track records. Last year, the Redskins signed a few players with controversial backgrounds, including defensive tackle Darrell Russell, who had been suspended by the NFL for 1 1/2 seasons.

Even as a kid, I noticed this about the Redskins. I’d see things on TV, and the Redskin players… I dunno, they just always seemed more clean-cut, both on and off the field. When they were interviewed by reporters, they were gracious and they didn’t mumble. They gave articulate insight, rather than just mutter a few marble-mouthed words and ramble off. Darrell Green was, of course, one of these guys… I seem to remember Art Monk in the same light. The one exception I could ever recall was the troubled Dexter Manley.

Ok, so maybe Riggins was a little bit of a rabblerouser, too.

Whatever the case, this is something that, for the past few years, I’ve felt was noticeably missing from the Redskins organisation. I guess, however, I’d always thought that, while the head coach might have been tangentially involved in these character decisions, that players of this caliber had always been a trademark of the Charlie Casserly & crew front office.

Good to see Gibbs is bringing that trademark of excellence back.

And yes… I honestly did have thoughts like those listed above, when I was around ten years old. Reading this article made all those thoughts come back.

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Lord of the Skins: Return of the Gibbs

Gibb me some o’ dat: St. Joe is returning to the Washington Redskins.

I heard inklings of this last night, but the CBS link above has a little more meat to it.

I also have very little doubt that Mr. Crabbypants Daniel Snyder is offering Gibbs a more-than-reasonable compensation to make up for the fact that Gibbs will have to give up his minority share in the Falcons.

Some may look at this as a desparate move by a desparate owner (Snyder), but I think that while it’s fantastic news, it’s also a very shrewd strategic move. More than a couple Redskins defensive players had already announced earlier in the year that they would leave the team if the Skins got a new D coordinator.

Well, according to CBS, the Skins will get a new defensive coordinator, former Bills HC Gregg Williams… but like hell any of those guys will leave now, not when the opportunity to play under this legend is sitting there right in front of them!


LOTR parody
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