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Oh, yuck.

From the London Times (UK) Online: “Business elite hopes for a future without the poor

COULD the new New Orleans be a place of low poverty, low crime, good schools and minimal racial tension? Some affluent exiles, all white, hope so. In a private meeting in Dallas yesterday they urged the mayor, Ray Nagin, to embrace a controversial vision that could transform the city from a Democratic stronghold into a Republican one.

Most of the 100,000 residents who lived on or near the poverty line, have been removed. Thousands have found jobs and homes elsewhere. Some will never return, and this historic shift is being built into projections for the future.“About half the dispersed population is likely never to come back,” Mary Comerio of the University of California at Berkeley said. “It will change the character of New Orleans.”

From the Hartford Courant: “Fashionable Uptown Neighborhoods Hanging On

The power elite of New Orleans – whether they are still in the city or have moved temporarily to enclaves such as Destin, Fla., and Vail, Colo. – insist the remade city won’t simply restore the old order. New Orleans before the flood was burdened by a teeming underclass, substandard schools and a high crime rate. The city has few corporate headquarters.

The new city must be something very different, Reiss said, with better services and fewer poor people. “Those who want to see this city rebuilt want to see it done in a completely different way,” he said. “I’m not just speaking for myself here. The way we’ve been living is not going to happen again, or we’re out.”

Can you imagine New Orleans without its vast diversity?

Goodbye blues clubs, goodbye jazzmasters; au revoir to R&B, creole and zydeco. They’d all be replaced by the amalgamated din of thudding techno beat, Papa Roach and Barry Manilow.

The dingy, dusky music bars replaced with strip malls and Applebees. You might hear the occasional, distant strains of New Orleans music, only to realize it’s been bastardised to fit the elevator muzak for stacks of condos.


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I was flipping through the channels today and saw that VH1 was re-airing the Live8 show. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it, but the TV remained on, and then I heard Pink Floyd come on. I liked the set a lot. They dedicated it to Syd.

I did a google search on Syd, and came across this article from last month. Kind of interesting.

I decided to try and play a few Floyd songs on the guitar today. I already know “Time” and I just about picked up “Comfortably Numb” today, too. I also somewhat re-learned “Wish You Were Here”, although I still can’t do the intro solo stuff right.

Everytime I hear “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, I think of Chaco, sitting in the lobby, singing it and/or playing it with the Crazy Russian. That night he seemed really into it – it felt so… authentic? Like he was really singing it with Syd in mind or something.

Across the planes of other internal matters, I can’t help but wonder if some things are coming to a head, here. Not a pleasant way to spend a weekend. I’ve been bored out of my mind on the weekends lately, but it’s a never-ending cycle. I get bored, and then get lethargic and apathetic, which means I get even more bored. Playing guitar helped a bit. For some reason the voice was really working well, too – I was tuned in quite well, oddly enough.

I did have a pleasant lunch today with some of the Carolina Kossacks, which broke some of the monotony. The gyro was pretty tasty, but I was still hungry afterwards, and I left kinda wishing I’d gotten some hummous or tabbouleh.

DB, I will hopefully get to that book tagging thing soon enough. It’s hard for me to remember, off the top of my head, which books I like, other than one or two which really bit me. I’ve never been good at remembering details, and that includes book titles. I’ve always been better at absorbing ideas.

I am thinking about buying a notebook tonight to do some writing, but I seem to do that once or twice a year, and nothing comes of it. I mean, nothing at all. I couldn’t name the last time I was able to write anything, much less anything decent.

I think I need to take up meditation or something. Things move fast.

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A bbs I used to call on occasion, when I was younger, at some point in put up a message board, where people began to get in touch again. I recently found it; as an added bonus, the old Sysop had a lot of the stuff saved on CD, and found the old ANSI art that I created for their logoff screen, although it won’t make as much sense, outta context.

I musta made that around 1996 or so. Probably even earlier. Today, no one even knows what ANSI is.

On a completely different subject, if I know you, and you live in the area, you’re welcome to come to a kickball party. $10 at the door gets you all the booze you can drink, all the food you can eat, and live music. If you are interested, drop me a line, and I’ll get you the 411.

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