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50 Million!

So, I touted 25 Million, so I might as well cheer twice as much about the news that Firefox has achieved 50 million downloads.

Was talking to a coworker about it yesterday. I think he’s planning to install it on his laptop this weekend.

Sorry, don’t have any new favourite extensions to recommend this time — these milestones are coming along so fast that I haven’t had time to find new extensions that I like, between them!

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25 million

And to tack on my 2c… these are the extensions that I tend to use:

  • Adblock, for more enjoyable web browsing.
  • NukeAnything, to clear up the few and far-between annoying flash ads that Adblock might happen to miss.
  • Prefbuttons, to set up fine-grained controls and preferences in seconds.
  • Sage, for my RSS aggregator.
  • Context Highlight, for making my searches a bit easier.
  • ForecastFox, for weather. I hadn’t even seen this one until a recent fluff article came out on PCWorld or something, regarding the “top ten Firefox extensions”; now I use it a ton… and it’s not as annoying as my wife’s “Weatherbug” install. In fact, she’s also using this extension now, too.

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The once and future… Firefox?

<mij^> wtf, mozilla changed firebird's name again
<mij^> it's now firefox
<sethk> what!?
<sethk> are they trying to screw up their own productization or something?
<sethk> to avoid overlap with another open-source project, hrm
<chaley> firebird firefox thunderbird wtf?
? chaley/#whiteboard head spins
<chaley> since firebird (or firefox or whatever-the-fuck) started as mozilla minus all the crap, it should be called "mo"
<sethk> heh
<ibri> thanks Unfurl
<epw> or less_zilla
<chaley> would it be lesszilla or fewerzilla ?
<chaley> or lessismorezilla
<mij^> stopchangingyourfuckingnamezilla
<Bill> Wait... Firefox was that lame movie with Clint Eastwood.
<xPhase> what are you talking about, firefox was the greatest movie of all time!
<xPhase> (or something completely unlike that)
<Unfurl> fox force five?
<mij^> heh
<sethk> shoink!
<teedz> fox as in it's a sexy browser, force, as in it's a force for IE to reckon with and five, as in we'll change our name one, two, three, four, five times before 1.0 is released
<chaley> LOL
<Unfurl> teedz: hahah

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Does anyone else get a racecar for this character?


I only seem to get it in unix, gecko-based browsers — or at least, none of my other computers have that font installed and/or can’t handle charsets anyway (NS 4.7 on linux). The mozilla on my windows machine gives me a big “2″ circular bullet.

In any case. It seems like the most useless character in a font/charset, ever. There is entirely too much detail in it. I had to resize my screen up about seven sizes, simply to even figure out what it was. It looked like scribbles in 12 point.

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I may have to switch

I may have to switch back using mutt for my mailreader. Not because I don’t like the client that comes with Mozilla, but really just because Phoenix is way more responsive than Moz — it just doesn’t have a mailreader, however [yet].

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This is a QA test

This is a QA test of Livelizard version 1.6. (Assuredly, it’s Quality stuff)

Also, I am (perhaps) finally stepping out of the stone ages, and am using a graphical mail reader. Mozilla is rockin’ more and more, every day.

Posted with Livelizard

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yay for mozilla themes!

If you’re using Mozilla, you can download my new theme, Ribbit. It’s basically a variation on the Orbit theme, but the colours are a little different.

Should work in Mozilla 1.0. May not work in NS, I don’t know. It is untested.

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It’s here! It’s here!

Mozilla 1.0 has arrived
Download it here. You know you want to.

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v1.4 rocks your world!

LiveLizard v1.4 rocks your world! Ah pity da foo who don’t use mozilla when browsing LJ!

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Random Stuff

* I had a blogmare last night, with jazzyjupiter and catattack55 in starring roles. It was kinda strange, to say the least. Do flights often go through Chicago en route to San Fran, from DC?

* Should I register a vanity domain name? Or maybe use one of the ones I have already?

* These “Spoon in a Snap” things that come from the lid of my morning yogurts are utterly useless.

* There’s a nice, older lady in my neighborhood; I ran into into her this morning, going out to my truck. She always greets me with a bright “Hello!” and calls me by name. I don’t think I know hers. That makes me feel kinda guilty sometimes.

* I finally got around to getting a new credit card since CapitalOne is incompetent.

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train of thought.

I. !Sex = !Mozilla
I ran across this bug report. I guess now we know why the mozilla project has turned into such and arduous task.

II. “Who is Keyser Soze?!”*

In reading the recommended fixes, I looked up references to Keyser (albeit improperly spelled again). I found this somewhat amusing, if not slightly insightful as well..

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I have almost never in

I have almost never in my life used an HTML editor. I did, for about 15 minutes when I first started learning it, back in 1995 or so, but then I realized how easy it was, and never turned back.

Until this week.
Desiging testcases, and refusing to use MS-Word (as it seems to crash on me when I use lots of tables — and it’s not really portable), I started making some HTML tables…. and it is a pain in the ass if you have to make lots of ‘em. Now, I’m a table kinda guy. I like my HTML nicely organized, and for years, I have done the stuff by hand. But for something mass-produced such as this, I just want to get it done…

So what am I saying?
I’m saying that Mozilla‘s HTML editor is quite nice. It’s not pretty, or fancy, but it gets the work done — and it make nice, clean HTML.

I’m not saying that I’m gonna switch over for everything – there’s just too much I like to fine tune by hand. However, for making usable documents, it’s a nice piece of work.

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* There’s a bottle of Southern Comfort 100 Proof on my desk right now. Last night I bought it, and a bottle of Gentleman Jack, because I wanted some jagged stuff to keep around. Also because I thought the SoCo might inspire me to get some writing done… I had two shots all night, and fell asleep instead. I get so tired when I can’t go to the gym.

* I have a sense of humour.

* I really like the new tabbed interface in Mozilla v0.9.5.

* Toronto is wonderful.

* I want to take a nice, relaxing hit.

* The Bob Dylan Live: 1961-2000 is a neat compilation.

* She got a dozen red roses today. She was estatic.

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