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Pages gone wild!

No, not those pages.

Thanks to Chris for this heads up:

it’s been — two weeks since I took a hit, caught a little buzz and then i got the munchies.

Seriously though, dude. Cocaine?

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Only thing about me is the way I walk.

For those who are hip enough to remember the olden days on the web, or for you whippersnappers who can’t, one of the paleo-memes back then, back before the dancing baby, was Blair mag’s “Gay or Eurotrash?“. A classic piece in the pre-dotcom era, it’s still amusing today as it was then.

Anyway, it’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw this article on the front page of today.

If only embedded video would’ve been more feasible and/or reliable back in 1995. Blair was fabulously ahead of its time!

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What can Brown do for you?*

Apparently there was a suicide down in my old stomping grounds.

What I find more telling, however, is this gem:

A witness called the Sheriff’s Office at about 10:31 a.m., after seeing a box truck strike the body. However, the witness did not see the actual jump and the driver of the truck did not stop.

That’s right, Northern Virginia, where a guilty conscience permeates everything you do.

* Granted, “Brown” may be a bit of a logic jump — “box truck” can mean anything. But I’d imagine it’s a delivery vehicle of some sort.

Update: Well, looks like the reference to the truck driving off was removed from the article above. WaPo still mentions it though:

At least one witness said he saw the man jump from the bridge about 10:30 a.m. into the northbound lanes more than 35 feet below, said Loudoun sheriff’s spokesman Kraig Troxell. Another witness, traveling in a southbound lane, saw the man hit the concrete roadway and then saw a white truck drive over him seconds later without stopping, Troxell said.

Ok, ok, so it wasn’t UPS…

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Photo Labs Afraid to Print Pics Deemed “Too Professional”

There’s an interesting story on today about how some photo technicians and labs are now, under fear of violating copyright laws, refusing to print digital photos that appear to have been taken by a professional photographer:

We’ve got a law written back in the 1970s and we’re trying to apply 2005 conditions to it,” Noble said. “When you’ve got an eight-megapixel camera out there, which is what used to be reserved for professionals, and it takes professional quality, how is the processor going to know?

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Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

In actions likely to undermine the dollar’s value on currency markets, 70 per cent of central bank reserve managers said they had increased their exposure to the euro over the past two years. The majority thought eurozone money and debt markets were as attractive a destination for investment as the US.

Greaaat news. Say goodbye to purchasing power in the US like we’ve always known it.

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