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Yahoo brings us the following photo caption:

Musician Sir Paul McCartney throws a football to the press during a news availability at the Media Center in Jacksonville, Fla., Thursday Feb. 3, 2005. McCartney will perform during the half-time show at Super Bowl XXXIX on Sunday, Feb. 6, between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

This subtitle is only amusing in light of the photo:

Looks pretty obvious that Sir Paul is more used to footy than American football.

In other, related news, I am sorely going to miss watching Redskin games. :(. I was gonna get DirecTV, and thus be able to get the NFL season ticket, but taking into account other variables, Dish Network was the better choice for us. I’m sure I’ll find a ‘Skins fan bar down here, anyway, and probably end up paying less overall for beer than I would for the NFL season ticket on DirecTV.

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Sir Paul

Bought tickets to go see Sir Paul McCartney at the MCI Center, on the 24th. Hopefully I’ll be able to get enough work done to go, otherwise I’m gonna give the ticket to my sister, or something. I dig Paul enough, although I like the Beatles better than any of his solo work, and he’s not my favourite Beatle to begin with.

Went walking around Clarendon today, walked up and down two of the major streets through town, whatever they are, I can’t remember. Stopped in Morpheus Music (?), a used music store. An absolute vault of vinyl… almost makes me want to go get my old record player from my mom’s place and try to jerry-rig it to my current system. In any case, didn’t buy anything. the guy who owns/manages/works at the place was giving everyone, including us, the evil eye.

Stopped down at the Barnes and Noble there. Bought a book of poetry by W.S. Merwin. It is actually a collection of four books, the last of which (Writings to an Unfinished Accompaniment) I used to own… I haven’t seen it in years though, so it is presumed dead. Merwin’s a brilliant poet; jazzyjupiter and miyeon1121: If you haven’t read this guy before, do try and check him out. A touch abstract at times, he’s amazingly vivid.

The first poem contained in Writings…:

Early One Summer
Years from now
someone will come upon a layer of birds
and not know what he is listening for

these are days
when the beetles hurry through dry glass
hiding pieces of light they have stolen.

(More Merwin, including an audio bit)

Ate at a Greek restaurant in Clarendon, Aegean Taverna. Food was pretty good, but the service was downright miserable. We were seated at a table, but it was a good five minutes before anyone came and took our order. We ordered, food took forever — which I took with a grain of salt, since it was a Saturday night, after all. Our waiter, however, seemed to lose track of us all night. I think he stopped by once during the meal to see if everything was okay — and then, we didn’t see him for a long time, long after I’d finished my meal — 15 minutes, I’m guessing. Finally, when I ended up getting my check, it was another 10 minutes before he came back and collected it. Grr.

Came back, watched Killing Zoe. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped — it’s one of M’s favourite films.

After M left, I called up xiao Q and talked with her on the phone for a good while. She’s just so wonderful :). Don’t get me wrong, I have a helluva good time with M, but I really wish I could spend more time with wo de ai. I can’t wait to go to Beijing.

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