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I’ve got a Chip(per) Jonesin’

Well, I’m guessing they’re pretty new, since I can’t find much online, and certainly didn’t find any reviews here and since The Chippie seems to be out of commission, I thought I’d give a ten-cent review for a pretty tasty chip you can find at Target: the Archer Farms Maui Onion kettle chips.

Generally speaking, I’ve been pretty satisfied with most of the store brand (Archer Farms) chips put out by Target. These are quickly moving up on my list, however, As they are pretty darn great. They’re crisp and thick like a kettle chip, with a little bit of that Funyuns pizazz.

Well, maybe that last bit won’t interest you, so I’ll clarify: If you have a seething hatred for Funyuns, then you’ll probably won’t like this product. But otherwise you may be impressed by these chips. They do pack quite a punch of flavour, so you’ll probably want to wash them down with a soda or a beer, or something. But one discovery I did make is that these chips are an even better complement to ro-tel dip. Maybe not too orthodox, and perhaps even bordering on heresy, for those of us who who grew up with Fritos, or at very least a traditional corn chip, to accompany our processed cheese(like) dip, but honestly, this is a fantastic variation on the old theme.

Just hoping Target decides to keep this product on the shelves… they have the tendency to introduce a bunch of different flavoured chips only to phase them out a few months later. These are a winner, if you ask me. Perhaps Joe will be able to work them into his fitness routine.

And for what it’s worth, sorry for the headline, but “Maui Wowie” would’ve been too blindingly obvious.

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