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Plamegate: The Movie

So, apparently Warner Bros. is on board to produce the Valerie Plame movie. This, amidst the impending decision in the Scooter Libby trial led some over at FDL to ponder who would play whom in the movie.

The obvious names were bandied about. Tom Hanks, or Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, or even (god forbid) Tom Cruise as Fitzgerald. Samuel L. Jackson or Denzel Washington as Judge Watson… and so on.

Now, maybe I’m all alone here, but I these are all aiming too high and missing the mark. All of these, in my opinion, reflect a real lack of creative thinking and border on a “soap opera”-y absurdity. However, I did have one suggestion that I feel nails Libby to a “T”.

…what about Ron Rifkin?

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